Sunday, 11 November 2012

BPR A vs TFA Crouch End A- 11-11-2012

Results: BPR A- TFA Crouch End= 3-3( 2Alex Grant, Lucas p.)

Were do I start with today's performance although today opposition were a good team we should never aloud them to control the game.
Giving away the ball made it a lot easier for the opposition to score goals usually we don’t give it away
so easily but today we saw too many poor performances for the front to the back.

Unfortunately James had to go off because of injury, which put us under pressure
on a number of occasions which just proves how much James does at the back.

We were very poor having said that we scored three goals so that tells me we can only get better “Man of the Match”  for me today was Jack who made some great save’s in goal.  

                                                    Honouring Remembrance day

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