Friday, 19 July 2013

Heathrow Tournament -14-07-2013

Normally all the tournament have hiccups, but this one had more than usual;
WE we were invited just 2 weeks before, so it was difficult to put a team together..
 There were only few teams playing in U7 , and incredibly enough it was a mess, about who was playing, when and where and against whom... the 2 pitches were on a "slope"with a strong inclination, so each game should have been split in 2 halves to make it fair for everyone playing downhill, I did mention this to the  top ref but at no avail;
The good thing was a sunny beautiful day, and a good venue to host a tournament, the kids had fun!

6 Tigers were available on the day, thank you very much to John to lend us Daniel from the Jaguars, the boy did his best, and fought hard, well done!!
BPR Tigers- Glencoe=6-0(Elliot 4,Alex A 2)
BPR Tigers-Samurai A=3-0(Elliot3)
BPR Tigers- TFA Totteridge White-0-1
BPR Tigers-Samurai B-5-0(James 2,Elliot2,Alex A)
BPR Tigers -TFA Totteridge Red-1-1(Alex A)

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