Saturday, 10 May 2014

Isle of Wight Tournament --03/4-05-2014

What a great week end of football, lovely venues, perfect pitches, and the sun shining!!!
We took 3 BPR teams there:)
It was difficult to assemble a Tiger team (communions etc etc)in the end we had 3 current Tigers, 2 ex Tigers and one Leopard kid, they all performed very well, playing nice passing football, they finished runners-up to another BPR team : the Jaguars( their truly deserved to win)

A nice start of the summer season:

Results as follows:

BPR Lions- BPR Tigers= 0-0
Gunnard Youth- BPR Tigers=0-3( George H, 2 Kai M)
Fishampstead Bulls- BPR Tigers=1-2(Sammy L,Morgan B)
Fishampstead Sharks- BPR Tigers=2-0

BPR Jaguars- BPR Tigers= 2-2(Kai M, Shaun L)
Teddington Kestrels-BPR Tigers=0-5(2 Kai M,George H,Sammy L,Morgan B)
Newport Nitro's- BPR Tigers=0-5(3 Kai,Shaun L,Morgan B)
Coundon Court- BPR Tigers= 0-2( 2 George H) 

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