Monday, 14 September 2015

Holmers Green Tournament 06-09-2015

BPR Tigers Runners up in the Trophy Competition!

We were blessed with lovely sunshine ,the team was allocated not to a great pitch, and played all the match there, the Tigers were outstanding throughout the tournament with some exhilarating combinations , topping their group ,and playing great football all the way in the QF and SF, in the final they created an incredible amount of chances but they did not take them,and nothing really went their way including some very poor refereeing , the game went to extra time and  they conceded a nice goal from a clever pass.

The standard of the teams involved was excellent, some really talented footballers on show and  great games to watch!


BPR Tigers- Ruislip Rangers Alphas= 3-0(Jake W,George H,London B)
BPR Tigers-Bourne End Cats=2-0 (George H
BPR Tigers-Westwood park Colts=3-0 (London B,George H,Alex A)
BPR Tigers-Windsor Eagle Red=0-1
BPR Tigers-Bourne End Giants=2-0(London B,AlexA)

QF: BPR Tigers-Bourne End Jets=1-0 (Ruben M)
SF:BPR Tigers-Windsro Eagle Blue=1-0(London B)
F: BPR Tigers-Windsor Eagle Red=0-1( ET)

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