Sunday, 10 June 2012

Parkfield Summer Sixies 10-06-2012

Today the A team played their first summer sixes Tournament at Parkfield FC, great performance of all the kids involved, we brought there also a B team  that performed again really well, more on that soon from Trevor..
I would summarised like this: great Defence, good Mildfield , strong Attack, we scored 17 Goals(wrong the scoreboard by the way don't know why..) and concede only 1, and we gave only few chances.
Next Saturday a new adventure at Sandgate Summer Sixies, and on Sunday we will take 4 teams at St Joseph FC SS.
Special Thank You to coaches Peppe/Roy for their contribution and dedication to the team!!!
And of course to all the parents for been on time and there to support the kids!!


Bessingby PR Red- Old Isle= 3-1     (Alex A, Lucas W, Elliott W)
Bessingby PR Red-Northwood White=8-0 (3Alex G, 4AlexA,Lucas W)
Bessingby PR Red-Pitshanger=1-0           (Elliott W)
Bessingby PR Red-Ickenham Red=0-0
Bessingby PR Red- Northwood Red-5-0 (2Lucas W,2 Elliott W,1AlexA)

Below some pictures..

 Team: Jack, Himmat, Morgan, Lee, Alex G, Alex A
              James, Benedict, Lucas, Elliot

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