Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sandgate Tournament 16-06-2012-

Yesterday we took a BPR Asquad of 10 players to Sandgate;
We decided to try 3 Substitutions a match, mainly because kids are extremely impatience, all ego to play, in the end it worked OK,  one U6 Group with all A teams, very good standard, lots of talented boys, our kids put in a very spirited performance ,not bad at all;)
Bessingby PR -Sandgate= 1-1                 (AlexA)
Bessingby PR- Acton & Ealing Whistlers= 1-1   ( Lucas W)
Bessingby PR- Old Actonians= 1-1                      (James P)
Bessingby PR - Focus Football= 2-0                ( Elliott,AlexA)
Bessngby PR- Ickenham Youth-1-1                (Alex G)

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